iPad Solar Charger built into a case and Loaded with Features

icon solarAn iPad solar cover with up to an average 10 Days Use!!!

The Kudo uses new photovoltaic ink technology, essentially a liquid solar panel, to convert indoor and outdoor light into usable energy.  It converts the light around it to continually charge the iPad with a constant trickle from its built in iPad solar charger.

Everyone will see different results depending on usage and lighting conditions but we found that the average user will go up to about 10 days before having to charge the iPad.  There is a cable included to charge the Kudo through the wall and fully power the Kudo and iPad together from time to time.

We love the iPad, but let's make it even better.  Ten hours of use with the iPad is cool but twenty four hours of straight use is even better, that's what we can guarantee with fresh batteries.  Of course if you're not using your iPad for literally a straight 24 hour period then it will be generating power and constantly feeding the iPad.  The iPad solar charger built into the Kudo is not only green, it's better than charging the old-school way through through the wall.  A plug is included with the case (yuck) to charge it from the wall when it does eventually need a boost.  We're working on making cables a thing of the past all together but right now up to 10 days for the average person without a cord is pretty cool.

On the green side our goal is to raise awareness of the vast amounts of wasted energy from empty chargers and eventually create a case that is self sustaining enough to provide energy to the portable electronic device without needing a source of energy from the wall, making wireless electronics truly wireless.

We are committed to going beyond making a product with renewable energy. These thin, flexible, light weight solar panels are the greenest available and the only kind of solar panel in the world made from organic material.  The protective Kudo case itself is made from recycled materials. To offset any potential carbon footprint left behind from the manufacturing process for every Kudo sold Wireless NRG is planting a tree in the consumers name. We have teamed up with reputable corporations to make this happen. Our 24 month goal is to plant 3,000,000 trees and preserver 250,000,000 sq/ft of rain-forest and we have a plan to make this happen.

Kudo Solar iPad charger Case


The average user uses their iPad about two hours a day and accumulates either 14 hours of indoor light (windows, lamps...), one hour of sunlight (dashboard, windowsill...), or a combination of both per day.  The Kudo brings in a constant trickle of energy throughout the day.  Sunlight is much stronger than indoor light but we know our electronics are typically indoors, the Kudo is capable of drawing energy from the home or office as it continues to work even in low light environments.  More light and less use means longer iPad time, conversely less light and more use means less iPad time before charging the old-school way.