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Saturday, August 29, 2015
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iPad Mini / iPad Air Case with Solar Battery Charger built in!

The New KudoSol
An ultra-thin Solar Charging case for the iPad mini and the iPad Air!



Limited Quantities will be available.
Email [email protected] and in the header type:
Notify Me of the New KudoSol for iPad mini or iPad Air!


Completely redesigned, the KudoSol is coming soon for the iPad Mini, iPad mini 2 and the iPad Air.  This iPad Solar Battery Case will have a number of features built directly in.  Kudo is using new Solar Technology for the new iPad Mini Case and iPad Air case to deliver over 4X the power of the original KudoCase.  This new iPad case for the mini and Air will also include multiple stands in the back to support a movie or keyboard position.  In addition, it incudes a secondary USB charging port to plug your phone, camera, or almost any other portable electronic device so it can be charged from the solar powered case.

iPad mini Case with Solar battery charger

With a 5,000mAh ultra-thin Li-Polymar battery built into the lining of the case you'll be able to charge your iPad or phone even at night!

iPad mini battery case

iPad mini movie stand case with battery solar charger



As of December 2013 the case has been approved to meet all Apple standards and is currently in production.  We expect to receive the initial shipment near the end of January 2014, and will be accepting pre-orders prior to the shipment arriving.

Sol with Dawn


Limited Quantities will be available.
Email [email protected] and in the header type:
Notify Me of the New KudoSol for iPad mini or iPad Air!