iPad Battery Case | iPad Extended Battery with Solar Power

icon batteryThe Kudo is more than an organic solar panel, it's an iPad extended battery case that charges itself! The Apple iPad requires a specific voltage in order to accept a charge.  The solar ink on the flap of the Kudo produces energy at different voltages depending on what kind of light you are in and at what kind of intensity the light is emitting.  To regulate this the Kudo has a battery backup inside the iPad case.  Whether you are in direct sunlight or in low ambient light such as indoors the Kudo will accept that charge due to the regulator we implemented inside the iPad battery case.  This iPad extended battery stores the energy (over 9,000mAh!!!) and transfers it to the iPad whenever necessary automatically.

With an iPad extended battery there's no need for an iPad battery replacement

iPad Battery Case with Solar Power - LilyPad

If you're iPad isn't holding a charge there's no need to change it when you have a KudoCase.  We put the largest capacity battery in this solar iPad extended battery case that we could squeeze in there.  This way even if you go a few days without any light or electricity (for instance during a hurricane) the iPad battery case will continue to charge your iPad.

Having the battery built into the case allows extra time for the solar panels to collect a constant small trickle of energy from indoor light where we anticipate the case to typically be.  This setup also allows energy to be accepted even if the iPad is fully charged, otherwise the electricity generate from the solar power would go nowhere if this iPad battery case was full.

This setup also allowed us to power your other portable electronics with the USB Power-out feature.  This iPad USB port in the case will charge your phone too! The battery in the iPad is 6,250mAh, by adding the iPad extended battery storage from the KudoCase  you more then double the use of your iPad even without any light!




FAQ's about the iPad Battery

How much does an iPad battery cost?
How long does the iPad battery last?
If your iPad battery rapidly loses charge.
Average battery life of iPad.
What happens if my iPad needs a new battery - replacing the iPad battery.
Change your iPad battery.

How much does an iPad Battery Cost?

Standard price for the iPad replacement battery is $99.00 plus shipping from Apple.com.  This gives you a 6,250mAh battery back into your iPad.  The standard battery in the KudoCase solar iPad case is 10,000mAh with a 95% transfer rate.  Our first prototypes were only transferring 31% so we're pretty happy to say it's up to 95% now which makes it about 1.5 times larger than the iPad & iPad 2 battery.

How long does the iPad battery last?

The iPad has an incredible battery life averaging about 10 hours.  If you're heavily on the internet it may be a little less, if you're just playing games or reading books all day it may last a little longer.  It's fairly safe to say you will get about 10 hours of use alone with a fresh iPad battery.  Over time that will decrease as batteries naturally do.

iPad battery rapidly loses charge.

If you are experiencing a rapid loss of charge in your iPad it could be from a number of factors.  The most common reason is that the life of the battery inside your iPad is coming to an end.  Batteries go through cycles, the number of times they are depleted and fully charged.  Apple uses some of the best battery technology available but those batteries still have a finite number of cycles.  Unless you are a heavy user going through numerous cycles on your battery the average user will go about 15 - 18 months before needing to replace their internal battery.  If you are plugged into the wall while using the iPad you are using the power from the wall and not going through cycles on the battery.  This will sound bias BUT if you have a KudoCase you are usually using the power from the case instead of your iPad so the internal iPad battery will last longer over time.

Average battery life of iPad.

The average daily use of the iPad is about 10 hours.  The average overall life of the iPad battery is about 18 months.

What happens if my iPad needs a new battery?
...Replacing iPad Battery / iPad battery replacement

There are two main options when it comes to an iPad battery replacement situation.  Ship your iPad to Apple along with the payment of $99.00 plus shipping.  They will replace the iPad battery and ship the unit back to you.  Or if you are close to one of the 250 Apple stores you can stop by most any of them and someone there will be trained to take the unit apart and replace the iPad battery for you.  It will still be $99.00 but obviously no shipping (just gas money which is probably more than shipping).  If you are visiting a store be sure to call first and confirm a technician is in that can do the replacement.

Change iPad Battery

If you don't want Apple to do it then if you're savvy enough you can find a generic off brand battery on eBay and a video on YouTube to take the iPad apart.  But, I seriously wouldn't recommend that.  Even if you get it in there with no problems the knockoff battery may overheat and expand to cause a lot more damage.  That happens with cheap batteries, not always but do you really want to risk your iPad over that?  We'll be bias here, if you don't want to ship your iPad to Apple then you can still get away with a solar Kudo case starting which is essentially an iPad extended battery with solar power at $99.  It has a larger battery in it than the iPad battery and you won't have to part with your iPad those many days during transit.  if you want to learn more take a look at all the New Kudo Solar iPad Case Features.