iPad Messenger Bag for the Solar Charging iPad Case - KudoMate

icon travel bagiPad Travel Case - The Perfect KudoMate!

As an additional bonus we're offering a line of iPad travel cases and iPad messenger bags specifically designed for the Kudo.  These premium quality bags will offer storage while allowing light through to continue to shine and charge your iPad.  We are designing a variety of iPad messenger bags and iPad travel cases that are tailored for  anyone on the go.  Pockets, zippers, shoulder straps, water bottle holder and all you would need to get you around while everything digital stays charged.  Even charge your phone or camera in the bag while the iPad is charging from the solar panels as you simply walk around using this iPad messenger bag and travel case.

        Order Here - $99.95  

*** $25.00 instant rebate when purchased with the KudoCase - Solar iPad Case!

iPad messenger bag solar kudomate

iPad Messenger Bag KudoMate Solar for KudoCase

iPad Messenger Bag Open KudoMate Solar for KudoCase

iPad Messenger Bag features KudoMate Solar for KudoCase